Colourpop Spring Monochromatic Collections

Welcome back to yet another post here on my lovely blog! Today, I wanted to take the time to review a few of the items I have gotten from the recent Colourpop Spring Monochrome Collections; Nectar, Pink, and Sand. I am a big Colourpop fan and these new products certainly do not disappoint!!


After the Alexis Ren palette debacle, I was a bit unsure about ordering another one of their pressed powder palettes (both of my Alexis Ren palettes spontaneously ‘blew up’ on themselves). I am actually VERY suprised and shocked at the quality of the Knockout and Double Play palettes!!

Top – Knockout Palette (left), Double Play Palette (right) Bottom (left to right) – Ringer, Labyrinth, Soft Core and Cut-Outs Strut Ultra Satin Lip on bottom

Colourpop products never cease to amaze me!! The two pressed powder face palettes are so beautiful and have a soft feeling to them (especially the highlighters!!). The pressed powder eyeshadows have very nice pigmentation as well, but also are cursed with a lot of fallout. I don’t know about you, but I always dislike seeing those little flakes of powder left inside of the actual product pan. Something about it just reminds me of those little particles that fall off of an eraser.

Left – Double Play Palette (Padded Down Highlighter left, Getting Hansy Pressed Powder Blush right)  |  Right – The Knockout Palette (Like To Watch Highlighter left, Excuse My French Pressed Powder Blush right)

As you can see in the photo above, I have the two new face palettes compared next to each other. The two of these swatched BEAUTIFULLY and I have to say that the Double Play Palette has definitely become my go to product for blush!! Whenever I put this blush on, I always pair it with the highlighter that comes with the palette. They really blend together so well and it has such a natural finish on the face without looking like you are wearing a ton of makeup. I also want to point out that these face palettes come with mirrors which is great if you are traveling/on the go!

Left to Right – Strut, Cut-Outs, Soft Core, Labyrinth, and Ringer

Now it is time to move on to the Pressed Powder Eye Shadows and the one Ultra Satin Lippie that I had gotten! To start off, I adore the formula for the Ultra Satin Lip products a million times better than their Ultra Matte Lippies. Even though the Ultra Satin Lips don’t dry down all the way, they are still a lot more comfortable and provide a lot of room for movement for your lips (also not setting into the lines in your lips as much). I had purchased shade ‘Strut’ and when I first saw it on the website (and arm swatches) I thought that it was going to be some sort of nude mauve, but when I had received it, you can definitely tell that it is not that at all so that was a bit disappointing. It is a lot darker than what you see in the tube also, but it is still a beautiful color, it’s just not for me!

Onto the Eye Shadows! I currently have a love/hate relationship with Colourpop’s pressed powder shadows. Reason being is the amount of kick back that you get from the actual pans. The colors tend to pick up beautifully when using an eye shadow brush but with the finger, not so much. The exception here for these shadows would be the shade Ringer. The pigment that Ringer packed was absolutely mind blowing and it only required one swatch to provide what you see in the picture above!! The color itself is completely opaque and gorgeous. The other three that I had gotten (Cut-Outs, Soft Core and Labyrinth) are also very pretty, but you just need to build it up a bit which is absolutely fine!! For $5 a pop, you really can’t be too disappointed. The quality of these is amazing for the price.

Left to Right – Sauvage, Flipper, One by One, and Going Rogue

I had also previously purchased a few items from the Nectar collection when they were first released and before I was able to take nice pictures of them!! Their Super Shock Shadows have my most favorite eye shadow formula out there. They are so soft to the touch, glide easily onto the eye and are very easy to blend. My most used one out of these three is One by One. It just looks so pretty and shiny with the perfect hint of glitter when on my lids! I know that Flipper is also a favorite of many MANY people for how opaque and glittery it is, I just haven’t found the perfect look to go with it yet! Going Rogue can match with just about anything due to it’s lighter hue.

I would always recommend anyone to try out any of Colourpop’s products because of the low cost of them! They are always pretty reliable and provide great products for a cheap cost. I hope that you found this post helpful in some way!! Thank you for visiting!


Super Shock Shadows – 0.07 oz/2.1 grams ($5 each)

Pressed Powder Eye Shadows – 0.05oz/1.50 grams ($5 each)

Strut Ultra Satin Lip – 0.11oz/3.2 grams ($6 each)

Pressed Powder Palettes – Highlighter 0.28oz/8.0 grams ; Blush 0.28 oz/8.0 grams ($16 for each palette)


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