April 2017 BoxyCharm Unboxing & Review

Hiya everyone! I recently received my Boxycharm box for this month and I wanted to do a little unboxing to show off another variant of the box! This months theme was Boho Glow! Now, I usually look at spoilers of these boxes before I get them so that I am aware of what I will be receiving and I can say that I got a few slightly different items in my box this month than what I saw in other people’s.


I was very excited to get an Ofra Hightlighter this month and Rodeo Drive is an absolutely STUNNING color!! Also in my box I had gotten two items from the brand Pür, A box containing three face masks from Farmacy and the Concealer Palette from Measurable Difference. Many people were getting a Cargo lipgloss and a Hairgurt Shampoo (I was kind of excited for the Cargo Lipgloss honestly) instead of the Pür Lip Lure and Farmacy masks that I had received. I’ve only been subbed since last month so that could be a possible reason as to why I got something different!


So far with this box, I can see myself using three out of the five products that I had received. I do not see myself using the concealer palette (I already have a concealer that I enjoy) or the Pür Lip Lure (I got the shade Fiery, which is a bright red gloss.. not my color at all). I was very excited to give the mask a try and I actually used it right before I wrote this!


The box includes three gel sheet masks that just lay on your face until the time has passed so that you may remove it. Once on the face, this mask has a very nice soothing and cooling effect to it.  As you remove the mask and rub in the extra product, you can really feel what a difference this mask makes! It made my skin baby smooth and hydrated, though I did not see any brightening happening (like it says on the box).

Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive (Left swatched, Right is blended out)

The Ofra Highlighter was something that I was super excited to receive this month and it definitely lived up to the expectations! The formula is so soft and buttery and just glides right onto the finger. The color is blinding and I can definitely tell that this will be my go-to summer shade this year!! I have very fair skin, and if I apply this with a light hand it does not show up AS dark as it seems it would. Of course it is very buildable and if you are looking for something opaque, this is it!

This is the inside of the concealer palette!

Now, I do not plan to be using this concealer palette and I will likely give it away to a friend who wants it, so I will not be doing swatches of this one! I did find something funny about this though, I actually was walking through a store called Five Below (sells items for $5 and below) and I saw this palette being sold for $5. I’m sure if you purchased this off of the Measureable Difference website it would likely still be the $19.99 that it says on the card Boxy Charm set with the box. Just a fact I wanted to share in case you were interested in this particular palette!


The overall value for my box this month was $136.99 which was actually a bit more than the original variation of the box that I had saw! Sure, there were some duds in this box but I cannot complain much considering that the products I did enjoy made up for it and stresses how great the $21 cost of the box was. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a way to try out new beauty products without paying too much! If this is something that you are interested in, they do give a referral link which I can put down below for whoever may be interested. Everything that I review, I have purchased on my own and I do my best to give an honest opinion of the products! Thank you for taking the time to read through my post today, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!!


Boxy Charm Referral Link!


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