Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip Review & Swatches

Welcome back to another review and swatch post! Today I wanted to talk about the new and highly anticipated Ultra Blotted Lips that were recently released by Colourpop! These lips are a brand new formula that is meant to be extremely lightweight and comfortable on the lips! They are meant to give you a ‘popsicle pout’ with just a flush of color.


I originally wanted to purchase these when they first were released but I had made the mistake of waiting and they sold out almost immediately. I bought them from the second restock, which was nice for me due to the fact that they were hosting a sale at the time for buy three liquid lipsticks and get them for $12, which was a steal! The liquid lipsticks themselves cost $6 each and the regular blotted lips cost $5!


I managed to snag four of the ultra blotted lips that I was interested in, and the one regular blotted lip that I had wanted. The colors I received were Zuma, Doozy, Slide, Cherry On Top, and Drip. I got the ones that I thought would look the best paired with my skin tone (very fair).


I wanted to do the swatches with the top being a one swipe, light swatch and the bottom I had built the swatch up to show how buildable the products are! Starting from top to bottom they are as follows, Zuma, Doozy, Slide, Cherry On Top, and Drip! This new formula actually feels quite nice on the lips, it’s as if you aren’t even wearing anything! They are just extremely lightweight and did not come off much when I was drinking or eating food, this left me impressed. After a while, these did dry out my lips a small bit (they dry matte) but it wasn’t that much of a big deal to me seeing as the staying power of these were amazing. Overall, I think these were VERY worth the price and I would highly recommend them. They are sheer with the first swipe but they look fantastic and give you that ‘natural’ look that is so popular these days!


Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip – 0.10 oz/3.0 grams

Colourpop Blotted Lip – 0.035oz/1.0 grams


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